Featuring Wes Morrison, Renaissance Man

At a recent Aging2.0 gathering in Washington, DC, the Linked Senior team had the pleasure of hearing Mr. Morrison speak about his inspiring life experiences and how he overcame ageism in the work place. We are thrilled that we could continue the conversation with Mr. Morrison below:

(Linked Senior): What makes you cool?

I let others determine whether I am cool or not. Cool is very subjective for each person has their perception of what is cool. What I try to project is openness and friendliness to all people. I try to make each person feel special. The renaissance man knowledge of many varied topics as well as a sense of style that is uniquely mine. 

(LS): What are a few of your favorite memories from childhood and young adulthood?

I was raised by my grandmother and aunt in Durham, North Carolina. My aunt who was a school teacher, she was my “Auntie Mame” taught me to look at the world as a whole and to enjoy the rich cultures of other nations.

 Upon graduation from college I gave myself the present of going to Europe to study fine arts. At the end of the tour I returned to Paris on my own to look for work in fashion design.  On the train from Rome to Paris, the train compartment was shared by some college students from Italy.  I didn’t speak Italian and they didn’t speak English but we all had elementary French. So we enjoyed each other speaking in a language not native to us.  That is truly a highlight in my life.

(LS): What are you most passionate about?

I am passionate  about seniors ability to live and be happy in their retirement years. Especially LGBTQ  seniors.  Also the social and racial injustices that are plaguing America now.

(LS): Do you have any words of wisdom for younger generations?

Yes put down  your cellphone and talk to each other in sentences. Technology is causing us to lose the ability to empathize with our fellow men. The time is coming fast we wont need to leave our homes for anything.  You can now order fully cooked meals or  meals to cook your self,  order clothes, shoes, razors, paper towels and of course telecommute for work.

(LS): What accomplishment in your life so far are you most proud of? 

I am proud of the fact God has given me the gift of trustworthiness. People know they can trust me to help them even if sometimes they don’t want it or the outcome may not be what they hoped for.