We Believe

Growing old is the purest and most positive experience of human existence.

A society’s worth is measured by how it treats its elders.

Ageism currently isolates and marginalizes older adults, dulling our communities,

dampening our reason for being and inhibiting our collective achievement and optimal growth.

Let us unite against ageism and ignorance.

Let us dissociate age from the stereotypes of weakness and irrelevance.

Let us be enriched by the wisdom, grace and patience that elders offer.

Let us respect that a person is a person no matter how old.

Let us comfort those in need, support the vulnerable, be patient toward all.

Let us celebrate intergenerational, interdependent values.

Let us embrace and respect aging adults as a valued part of our culture.

In doing so, we will become better, we will become ourselves, we will become immortal.

May the Age be with you.



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