Featuring Old People are Cool Poem

As the Old People are Cool campaign continues to grow, we have received many creative perspectives on the project from the community.

Below is a very cool poem created by Lynne Grip, the Creative Director at Activity Connection. Lynne is a registered nurse with a long (we won’t say how long) and varied career in a number of diverse settings from emergency room and oncology nursing to hospice care and quality improvement/risk management in long-term-care and pharmacy settings.


Old People Are Cool

 Old people are cool, there isn’t a doubt,

Having lived enough years to figure things out.

There’s been enough time to know real from fake,

With so much learned from every mistake.


A look in the mirror shows all that has changed—

Once youthful features have been rearranged.

But what’s inside is what matters more.

That doesn’t change—one’s heart, one’s core.


Being old’s the number of years one has turned,

With each year a blessing most carefully earned.

Being older is cool in so many ways,

So celebrate each and every one of your days.