Featuring Sandy Ransom, Artist

Sandy Ransom (www.sandyransom.com) began painting in 2003 while studying with Lilli Pell of Wimberley, Texas. Largely self-taught, she participates in workshops whenever possible and delights in plein air painting with fellow artists. Linked Senior was delighted to catch up with Sandy this month:

(LS): What are you passionate about?

(SR): I am passionate about people and about our Earth – about caring, helping, and loving each other. I am passionate about beauty and expressing that beauty through my art. I love to garden and derive great pleasure from growing pretty much anything and nurturing our Earth.

(LS): How did your new book Musings + Art from Elderhood come to be?

(SR): Jeff had been writing a weekly blog entitled “Musings from Jeff” for several years. In his blog, Jeff ponders a wide range of topics. He decided to publish a book of his musings and approached me about doing a series of paintings that would provide a visual reflection of his writing. This project was pure joy to bring to fruition.

(LS): Do you have some “words of wisdom” to share with younger generations?

(SR): Some of the following “words of wisdom” were taught to me by cherished elders in my life and others are concepts I have learned through living:

  • ALWAYS believe in yourself no matter what life brings your way
  • Follow your heart
  • Learn to listen…to focus on others and truly hear their words and sense their feelings
  • There is no such thing as failure. If something doesn’t go the way you intended, there is a lesson. Look for that lesson
  • Forgive. The act of forgiving truly frees the forgiver
  • BE in the present whether that is doing a mundane task, creating a masterpiece or engaging in conversation with a loved one
  • Be thankful. Living each day with gratitude brings peace and delight
  • LOVE. This is the biggest one. I could write volumes about it. Each of us has a core of love. Think what this world will be when we project love and compassion with every word we speak and action we take