Featuring Robert (Bob) Shipman, Music Lover

We are excited to share how cool we think 89-year-old Bob, Mr. Robert Shipman, is! Bob, aka PopPop, is the Grandfather of one of Linked Senior’s very own Customer Success Managers. Want to know his story? Well, it’s so cool that we want to share it!

Bob has always been interested in music. Since high school, he has pursued learning how to play clarinet, trumpet, saxophone, piano, and he is currently taking organ lessons alongside his wife Betty. He spent 21 years in the United States Army and followed up his military service by spending 20 years working as a part of the FBI. Since retiring, he seems to be more active than ever! Outside of organ lessons, he enjoys woodcarving, playing the clarinet for his church, listening to classical music, working on his “honey-do” list from his wife, and he just finished up a 17 year research project that has left him with a completed manuscript on the NAZCA Biomorphs and the Olmecs that is awaiting publication.

His joy in life is found through making other people smile, playing a “wicked clarinet”, and approaching life knowing every day has a little more to offer through his faith in God.

In the words of his doctor: “Bob, if you keep all this up, you’ll live to be 140!”

Mr. Shipman has overcome a battle with cancer and through that, his life mantra has become: “Each and every day is exciting, my glass is half full and there is more on the way.”

(Photo credits go to his 9-year-old great-granddaughter: Taylor Ann)