Featuring Joyce Williams, Blogger

Today it is our pleasure to share insights from blogger extraordinaire Joyce Williams! Joyce began her blog one year ago (www.grandmawilliams.com) and has used her platform to challenge ageism in the main stream media and greater society. Last year, Joyce’s journey to blogging was featured in this inspiring Daily Record article. Below is an excerpt from our conversation:

Linked Senior: What are you most passionate about?

Joyce Williams: Being curious…anything and everything. Going for a walk and exploring, meeting people and asking questions, reading all things in print. The internet is amazing.

(LS): Do you have words of wisdom for younger generations?

(JW): Don’t be afraid of old age. It is truly a great time of life…when you are free, you know what you like, you know looks don’t matter a lot, but laughter, joy in life and sharing happiness is delightful. And sex is even better!

(LS): What are a few of your favorite memories from your childhood and young adulthood?

(JW): Building fires in the woods and making ‘dampers’ (twists of dough made from flour and water to cook on elderberry sticks). We were out all day, no one cared where we were or what we did so long as we were home for tea.

(LS): What accomplishment in your life so far are you most proud of?

(JW): Probably creating this new career at 80+! I enjoyed learning to blog and reaching out to and meeting the world. Great to feel that maybe the blog and my alter ego Grandma Williams are doing something to change the current sad, unhelpful image painted of later years. And amazed to find myself a finalist in the 2018 UK Blog Awards. Wow! That would change the image of later years.